Film Immersion Course Starts Rolling


This semester, the Film and Digital Media department teamed up with the Center for Innovation, Business, and Entrepreneurship to create the first Film and Digital Media Immersion Program available for students. Led by Wabash graduate and award-winning filmmaker Jo Throckmorton ‘87, this immersion program will teach students how to improve their proficiency in filmmaking and how to utilize those skills for jobs in the film and media industries. Over the course of the semester, ten Wabash students will be working with Throckmorton to refine their filmmaking experience through a total of five monthly workshop sessions held on campus.

Throckmorton resides in Bloomington where he teaches film courses at Indiana University and is the president of Blue Ace Media. His interest in media began during his time at Wabash while working on a radio show, and has led to a career directing and producing Emmy winning commercials and films as well as being a 1st Assistant Director in the Director’s Guild of America. In this program, Throckmorton will be sharing his knowledge from his experience in the film industry with students looking to pursue similar careers in film and media.

“It’s an opportunity to learn how to do it,” Throckmorton said. “It’s a study how to get into the business.” In the program, students will learn a variety of skills, such as how to work with lighting, sound, and on-location shooting through hands-on experience with professional filmmaking equipment. The students will create projects that incorporate the techniques taught over the five sessions while simultaneously learning on-set etiquette in a professional setting.

The first workshop took place last Saturday, where the ten selected students met Throckmorton and learned about the opportunities available through the program. Anthony Williams ‘20 applied for the program because of his interest in film and communication, and hopes to translate what he learns in the workshop into his senior project. A theater major minoring in Film and Digital Media, Williams is working with Heather Thrush, Associate Dean for Student Engagement and Success, to make a film for the Dean’s Office.

“Film is a great way to communicate and be creative,” Williams said. Williams enjoyed the first workshop, where he learned about the significance of camera lenses and the difference they make when shooting. Williams worked alongside Throckmorton while learning about the functions of each individual lens.

“It helps working with an award-winning filmmaker with films I have seen,” Williams said. Over the course of the semester, Williams will write his script and shoot his film with guidance from Throckmorton. The program will meet next month to continue the process of developing future Wabash filmmakers’ skills.