Robbins Family fund Taking New Approach

REED MATHIS ’22 | STAFF WRITER • An event like the “Creed II” showing last month brings the campus together and allows for everyone to come together and connect on a campus-wide level. For many, questions like, “Why?” and “Who?” are either unknown or not of enough interest to look into. Events like these are made possible by the Robbins Family Fund.

The Robbins Family Fund was established by alumnus Clay Robbins ‘79 and his
wife Amy. The Fund was put into use at the beginning of 2015, and has been the catalyst for many of the events held on campus throughout the school year. In order for these events to happen, they have to meet four criteria points: no alcohol, family- friendly, open to the community outside of Wabash, and free of charge. The Fund this year will support ten events, with each of the “Big Five” groups (IMA, IFC, Sphinx Club, MXI, and the Student Body President) being a co-sponsor in at least two events. “The Robbins Family Fund is in place to break away from the conventialism of what a college should look like on Fridays and Saturdays,” Student Body President Kyle Warbinton ‘20 said.

For some, these events and activities are ways to relax and enjoy a free event. Yet for others it is a way to connect with campus in a way that typically does not occur. “The Robbins Family Fund has given opportunities to reach out with the campus in interactive ways, work with other organizations, and allow us to do things that would not be

possible without the Fund,” MXI President Arlen Taliaferro ‘20 said. For others it is a chance to connect groups of individuals that would usually not be with each other on the weekend. “The Fund gives us the chance to entice guys to get out of their living units on a weekend and be a part of campus life,” Warbinton said.

Upcoming events include magician Daniel Martin coming to campus on Saturday, February 9. This event will be co-sponsored by the Student Senate and the Sphinx Club, and will transpire after the basketball team’s home game against Kenyon in Salter Hall.

Another event that is close to being finalized is a lip-sync battle taking place on February 15, being co-sponsored by the IMA and MXI. “The goal is to have teams from every fraternity house, a team from all of the “Big Five” groups, and all living units to make sure all of campus is together,” IMA President Franklin Russel ‘20 said. If you were on the fence whether to go or not, Russel will be performing with IMA Vice President Sam Russell ‘21 in their rendition of “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love (Blues Brothers).”

There will be more events happening throughout the semester, and as the Fund continues to impact the campus in so many ways, the planning behind it is given more attention to detail. “This semester we have started to become more methodical by planning out our events in accordance to what the rest of what campus is doing,” Warbinton said. “We do this so more guys can come and share in the event.”