Meet Kellen Schreiber

ERIC CHAVEZ ‘19 | SENIOR STAFF WRITER • Kellen Schreiber ’22 has come into the role as the 6th man for the Wabash basketball team this year. While it’s hard to miss
the spark that he brings coming off the bench, The Bachelor wants the Wabash community to get to know him a little more personally. Sitting down with him we learned that he is from the southside of Indianapolis, “Being close to home has really helped with the transition from high school to college,” Schreiber said.
“If there is a long weekend it’s pretty easy for me to get home.”

While he enjoys being home Schreiber said that when he is on campus he feels that he fits in well. “I feel that I’m a pretty outgoing person and here at Wabash they want you to be as outgoing as possible so that’s pretty nice.” Schreiber said.

As we talked more about his experience here at Wabash so far,

we learned that he plans on being a history major. While he hasn’t officially declared, he says that he plans on being a history teacher later in life. “I’ve had Dr. Warner for two semesters in a row and he’s been a really good influence, so I am looking to pursue history,” Schreiber said.

As far as being on the basketball team, Schreiber said that the seniors have helped him with both school and basketball. “Logan and Stach have been really good seniors especially to us underclassmen,” Schreiber said. “They are both really involved, especially Logan. He’s really taught me to manage my time a lot better. And Stach has been battling injuries so he’s had to fight a lot of adversity. So I’ve learned from him off the court that you can always control how you feel. Those guys have been really good to me.” To expand on his basketball experience, Schreiber said that the expectations were pretty high at the beginning of the year with the talent that they had coming in and returning.

While winning games is important, Schreiber said, “We try to keep things loose and easy in the locker room and I think it helps out on the court. We have a lot of fun as a team and that to me is the most important thing. And being with a team that likes each other as much as this team does definitely helps.”

The Little Giants have had a very successful year so far on the court. With that comes a lot of great memories. We asked Schreiber to recall his favorite and he quickly

said, “Beating Wooster and playing DePauw; that was one of the biggest crowds I’ve played in front of. Those were both really cool memories.”

We also asked him what his favorite memory was off the court
he again quickly responded saying, “Probably just being around the team as much as we have. We are a pretty close knit group so it helps that we hang out a lot off the court.”

While there was a lot to learn about Schreiber over the course of the interview, he had a message for the Entire Wabash community. “Keep showing out,” Schreiber said. “We have a really good fan base and I really like to see that. I love playing at home so keep coming out. We will try to make it as interesting as possible and keep the games fun.”