Carl accepts new position at Purdue

PATRICK MCAULEY ’20 |SPORTS EDITOR • HeidiCarl,the AssociateDeanforEnrollment andDirectorof Financial Aid at the College, recently accepted a new position as the Executive Director of Financial Aid at Purdue University. Nonetheless, her love and admiration for Wabash made the decision to leave very hard.

“I love Wabash,” Carl said. “I think the students here are some of the most wonderful I have met in my life. I now have this band of brothers that I get to take with me for the rest of my life.”

Around five years ago, Carl reached out to a friend who originally sparked her interest in working for the College. At the time, she was an employee of the University of Indianapolis in both their admissions and financial aid departments. The size and diversity of student programs at the university allowed Carl to work with students of various ages and interests.

“UIndy has undergrads, graduates, an accelerated adult program, and a five-week mini session within a fifteen-week semester,” Carl said. “we followed the same federal and state rules (as Wabash) but it is more the types of ways aid can be put together.”

The University of Indianapolis focuses on their mission statement, which requires each and every student to participate in some sort of community service event throughout the semester. This service aspect, along with the university’s high number of student-athletes, compares solidly to Wabash. Nonetheless, Carl’s time at the College has been very special for her. “I will always brag on the gentlemanly men that I have met here,”Carl said.“I never walk to a meeting across campus that I do not say hello to guys. This is a place where you can say: this is how men need to be.”

Moreover, Carl’s time here allowed her to acquire the skills necessary to accept the new position at Purdue. About one and a half years ago, President Gregory Hess asked her and Associate Dean for Enrollment Chip Timmons ‘96 to run the enrollment operations at the College. One project in particular required Carl, along with the help of the Wabash IT Department, to enhance the way students of the College receive their financial aid packages. Also, Carl often communicates with the federal government to obtain necessary funds for a wide range of student programs. Carl strongly believes that President Hess has been a wonderful mentor during her time at Wabash.

Carl mentioned that she will miss many aspects of the College. She loves every traditional characteristic of this campus. She often visits chapel to enjoy the wisdom of a weekly speaker. Furthermore, Carl constantly went to events on graduation day to watch her hard work in enrollment and financial aid pay off.

“I have a lot of friends that ask me why I do this higher education gig,” Carl said. “I tell them to think back to your years in college and to ask themselves if they were not the best years of your life. I get to go to college every day and call it work.”

Carl is set to begin her new job at Purdue University starting February 18th, 2019.