Scarlet Honors Weekend Introduces Potential Students to Campus

REED MATHIS ’22 | STAFF WRITER • As Wabash buckles down for the end of the semester, this time of the year also brings prospective students to the last few admissions events of the fall semester. During the first weekend back from Thanksgiving Break, the third annual Scarlet Honors Weekend will ensue, which will coincide with The Lilly Finalist Weekend, beginning a day earlier.

For prospective students, the weekend brings the opportunity
to win extra scholarship money along with a further in-depth visit of what Wabash offers. Per usual, the weekend for the involved students will provide interaction with current students, faculty, and staff along with the ability to explore at different fraternities and housing units across campus. However, unlike other visits, Scarlet Honors Weekend give students an understanding of the community at and around Wabash. This includes events like the “Taste of Wabash” and watching the home basketball game against Denison University that Saturday.

“It is not exactly what would happen for a student in a thirty- six-hour period of time here, but it is pretty close, and prospective students need to see how they would fit on this campus,” Chip Timmons ’96, Associate Dean for Enrollment and Director of Admissions, said.

Not alone will this visit be useful for the high school seniors, but it will likewise see that the parents and families of these students have their own meaningful experience. Here, parents and families will be provided their own extensive schedule of activities planned. It will offer them something new to walk away with whether their first time visiting or multiple time at Wabash.

This weekend is much more than just the individuals visiting, but the campus taking a holistic attitude to how they operate the weekend in its entirety. “It is our students

understanding the opportunity, and how it will help the college and not just with recruitment but in general,” Timmons said. The weekend will afford more opportunities in all aspects for the prospective students and in giving so the campus will

have a more direct or indirect influence in the experience of every student. “It’s our signature event in the fall semester, and we have been telling students if you can only visit one time, this is the weekend to do it,” Timmons said.

As the weekend becomes more important, there will be more moving parts. “About twenty different classes will be offered, you have the Sphinx Club offering
to do tours through our interactive passport experience, along with the hosts of students,” Julia Wells, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions, said. In addition, the admissions team is looking to partner with the IFC and IMA in organizing events and forming an experience more valuable and inclusive.

In only its third year of existence, Scarlet Honors Weekend is still assimilating itself at Wabash. “We don’t know yet, but we want Scarlet Honors Weekend to be a tradition,” Timmons said. Previously, Honors Scholarship Weekend was the premier admissions event. For many years, current high school students had the opportunity to experience Wabash in the spring of their senior year. Unlike that event, the Scarlet Honors Weekend looks to evolve off that and present new, innovative, and unique atmosphere on campus through this occasion.

“I think it’s one of the hallmarks of a visit here that our students, faculty, and staff see someone with a red folder or the lanyard and know they are a visitor and they don’t put their head down and ignore them,” Timmons said. “They stop, greet them, welcome them.”

As another opportunity to present our campus to interested students, it provides for an opportunity to take part in something we all experienced between one and four years ago. “Students are eager to talk about their Wabash experience,” Wells said.

The Scarlet Honors Weekend continues to expand in awareness and attendance. The admissions staff looks for current Wabash students to be at the forefront of the weekend. With the 213 students attending last year, they expect for

over 250 students this year with the 15 Lilly finalists who can be a part of both events. For Wabash to prosper and extend our range, we as students are again a part of the recruiting process and can reach out to friends and family members about Wabash. By spreading the fame of her honored name, the College will see more short-term success and, hopefully, a long-term positive effect.