Career Services Prepares Seniors for Real Life

JAKE VERMEULEN ’21 | NEWS EDITOR • As part of their efforts to prepare Wabash students for the real world, the Schroeder Center for Career Development is putting on their Real World Week for the Class of 2019. Real World Week starts on Monday, October 29th with a kickoff dinner at Fusion54 in downtown Crawfordsville. John Castro ’97,

John Castro ’97

immediate past President of the Security Traders Association of Chicago, will headline the dinner and talk about some of the things he wished he knew coming out of Wabash that might help current students as they enter the real world. Castro has an impressive professional résumé as a stock broker and currently works as the Managing Director of FOQ Equities, LLC.


Real World Week has been apart of consistent programming for the past several years and has contributed to their success in preparing Wabash students for life after graduation. The Princeton Review recently gave the Schroeder Center high praise, ranking Wabash as having the 6th Best Career Services and 24th Best Career Placement in the nation. Cassie Hagan, Assistant Director of Career Services, said, “We get a lot of feedback from employers that Wabash students tend to be really polished and professional compared to their peers at other institutions.”

That pervasive sentiment is a testament to the work done by Career Services to get students ready for the real world. This year’s Real World Week will be slightly different than what Career Services has put together in the past. Previously, it has featured a number of different in-person events throughout the week that were geared toward prepping students for living on their own. This year, however, Seniors will get access to a program called the Real World Playbook. The program has informational videos which will help students with things that are not necessarily covered in the classroom, but which are essential for students to function in the real world. Students will also have access to the Real World Playbook for six months after graduation, which should allow them to make a smoother transition after college. “[students] can go through a series of online modules and complete it at their own pace, whenever they have time.” Hagan said.


Career Services adjusted the program to try to make Real World Week easier for students to do on their own schedules. “We’re not trying to add stress for our seniors who are trying to get ready for the real world,” Hagan said. “We want to do something that’s going to make it easy for them to access
all of this content that we would like them to be ready for.” In total, the modules available to students should take roughly three hours to complete and are all in video form. Wabash seniors will have a great opportunity next week to start preparing for life after Wabash by utilizing new tools provided by Career Services.