Prospective Students to Visit Campus this Weekend

REED MATHIS ’22 | STAFF WRITER • This upcoming weekend
at Wabash features home football, soccer, and swimming contests, productions of the critically- acclaimed theater production, Frankenstein, but most importantly the first Scarlet Preview Day of the 2018 school year. This weekend’s Scarlet Preview Day will begin on Friday at 1:00 P.M. with a welcoming at Salter Hall by Associate Director of Admissions Matt Bowers ‘08 and C.E.O. of Scioto Biosciences Joe Trebley ‘01. The weekend for the prospective students will close with tailgating and watching the football team take on Oberlin on Saturday at 1:00 P.M.

The Wabash admissions staff, led by Julia Wells, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions, who is in charge of the visit team and planned this weekend, have planned a plethora of events. Visiting students can expect different tours, student and staff panels, financial aid and admissions information, and periods of free time throughout the weekend. This will let students and parents explore classes, on-campus housing, sports practices, and of course Crawfordsville.

This is also a time for prospective students to get an in-depth look at Wabash, whether they are juniors in high school who are just beginning their college search, or seniors who want to have one last look at colleges before ultimately sending their application and choosing the school that will further their education. The fifty prospective students who decide to spend both Friday and Saturday

at Wabash will follow the overnight program which is entering its second year as part of the Scarlet Preview program. This part of the program allows students to experience the campus by themselves and spend the night at independent halls, fraternities, and guest housing. During this time, they are encouraged to talk with students on campus and visit different fraternities and independent housing and see which of the two they might be more interested in.

In total there will be over one- hundred-fifty visitors on campus for the Scarlet Preview Weekend. There will be more than 70 prospective students for the Friday program, with 50 of them spending the night. Another 80 students will join the weekend as part of the Saturday program. This does not even include the families who will be on campus for Family Day.

Accounting for the amount of students, the admissions staff understands the campus will have to have all hands on deck for this weekend to be a success. Over fifty Wabash students will directly be a part of the weekend, whether by leading tours, participating in panels, talking one-on-one with prospective students, or even joining the students for dinner.

As this event continues to grow year after year, the success of the weekend is dependent on the campus, whether it be students, admissions, and faculty to do their part. As Wabash begins to turn a page in our history and rebrand our image, this weekend is a good place to exhibit our new look.