Family Day uses Current Parents as Recruiters

the success of last year’s Family Day event, the Parent and Alumni Relations Office has partnered with the Admissions Office once more to bring families of both current and prospective students for a weekend of fun and football. A plethora of events have been planned for the weekend, as well as club-hosted activities which are open to parents and students alike. Director of Alumni and Parent Relations Steve Hoffman ‘85 spoke about this year’s Family Day, and touched on the planning process as well as the College’s goal for the upcoming weekend.

“Like last year, we coordinated Family Day with an Admissions fall overnight visit day,” Hoffman said about the scheduling. “Parents of current students really advocate well for their sons’ Wabash experiences, and they provide a great resource for prospective students and their families.”

Assistant Director of Engagement Hugh Vandivier ‘91 elaborated on what the college hopes to pull from this year’s Family Day. “Last year, we had a chance
to set up Family Day during a weekend where the Admissions Office had established a fall overnight visit,” Vandivier said. “It was a perfect event to set up
on a non-Monon Bell or non- Homecoming weekend. We approached the Admissions Office and set up a similar event for this year because the parents of our Wabash Men sell Wabash well. Our moms and dads generally love this school as much as we do, so why not create an opportunity where parents – who are already eager
to visit their sons at Wabash – can also have the opportunity to strike up conversation with prospective student’s parents?”

Vandivier also spoke about the events that the campus has planned for the weekend, which conveniently coincide with the Family Day as well. He noted that the buzz of activity on campus would be a wonderful way to display all of the various facets of student life at Wabash.

“For the overnight weekend there are plenty of things going on to entertain and show what Wabash is about,” Vandivier said. “There’s the football game, a swim meet featuring all Division III swim teams that are coming to Wabash, there is a soccer game that kicks off against Oberlin, a tailgate luncheon has been planned, and Wally Wabash will also be available to take photos with the students and their parents. Our clubs will also be displayed around campus as well … the Dork Club is hosting their ‘Dorktober Fest’ over in Hayes Hall starting at noon, and then the German Club is putting on ‘Octoberfest’ once more in front of the Sparks Center.”

With the stage set for an exciting weekend, prospective students and Wabash parents alike should have no trouble in finding ways to keep entertained and engaged with the Wabash culture. The College hopes to keep the success of last year’s Family Day rolling, and anticipates that this year’s event will be just as effective in bringing new students to Wabash. Vandivier wrapped up by expressing the college’s goals for this upcoming visit day, and what he hopes to see accomplished with the return of Family Day to our campus.

“We hope that everyone has a great weekend here on campus,” Vandivier said. “We hope the student body has a chance to relax and have fun … If your parents aren’t able to make it back to campus this weekend, you will definitely get adopted by another group of parents for the weekend.”