Wabash Finished 2nd at Witteberg Meet

PATRICK MCAULEY ‘19 | STAFF WRITER • Every coach in the sphere of collegiate athletics takes pleasure in seeing their athletes succeed as the season progresses. Clyde Morgan, Head Track and Field Coach, with his unique philosophy in training,
is going through the thick of it. Last weekend, the Little Giants scored 108 total points (2nd place) behind Rose- Hulman’s score of 188.5 points.

Peaking early in training is not the goal. In the early stages of training (especially in the outdoor season), a track runner’s mindset can easily lend itself to thinking about earning higher mark times, more wins, and overall better scores during meets. For Morgan, this mindset is destructive, and it further creates a barrier between an athlete’s desire to improve and their actual progression. This is where Coach Morgan’s focus on individuality comes into play.

WTIB – Win the Inner Battles. As a repetitive theme in Morgan’s coaching style, this philosophy did not come out of the blue. From his early stages in coaching, the esteemed Wabash track coach surrounded himself with the positive energy of a few experienced coaches. They taught him that athletes (yes, even Lebron James) show signs

of negativity, which can transition into poor competitive drive. In the sphere of Wabash Track and Field, this same decline in performance often spurs about during tough, long races or when cold weather strikes. That is why focusing on this strategy is so crucial for Coach Morgan, even to the point that he is always trying to improve it.

Change is necessary for success. Morgan is always adding, especially in the realm of mental toughness. Every athlete faces physical and mental challenges, but the psychological side can help any athlete get over the monkey. One way Morgan implements change in his style is through awareness. In the early days before a meet, he warns players to start thinking, preparing, and visualizing their performances. It must be helping because the squad showed out last weekend at Wittenberg Tiger Invitational.

Personal records add to the whole. Luke Doughty ’18 finished his weekend with back-to-back top-five finishes in the 3,000-meter steeplechase and the 400-meter hurdle event. Both of his scores (9:39.76 and 58.64) gave him career bests in both races. In the same steeplechase, Collin Rinne ’18 set a career-best time of 9:45.07. These Little Giants are doing big things as they continue to implement Morgan’s philosophy. This Saturday, the team heads to DePauw University for another big meet! Go out and travel to Greencastle to support Wabash!